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200 gram = £93
1 Kilogram = £465

Buy coca leave online
Buy coca tea online

We supply coca tea, coca powder, coca leaves fresh or dried discreetly within USA, UK, Europe and in some Asian countries.

Coca is any of the four cultivated plants in the family Erythroxylaceae, native to western South America. Coca is known for its psychoactive alkaloid, cocaine. The plant is grown as a cash crop in Argentine Northwest, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, even in areas where its cultivation is unlawful.

The leaves of the coca plant are the source of cocaine, which is an illegal drug that is used nasally, injected, or smoked for mind-altering effects. Cocaine is also an FDA-approved Schedule II drug. This means cocaine can be prescribed by a healthcare provider, but the process is strictly regulated.

At Prime Chemicals UK, we have been importing fresh and wholesome coca tea powder and coca tea bags (which are of course made from crushed coca leaves) for a few years now. We have certainly had our share of problems with Customs in the early years. However, through hard work and perseverance, we have developed a neat importation method that allows us to bring this incredible special product into the US and offer it to anyone who wants to try the Divine Plant of the Incas.

So, is coca tea legal? Under the controlled drugs and substances act, any part of the coca plant is restricted from entry into most countries outside of South America. Has anyone ever gotten in trouble bringing in coca tea, apart from a Customs seizure? Not that we have been able to find. Buy coca leave online

The current thinking is that US Customs has enough on its hands tracking down the importers of truly harmful substances, like the synthetic refined product, which is of course cocaine. Customs are no doubt also kept incredibly busy policing many other dangerous substances, which should rightfully be banned. Buy coca leaf online

It might be more of a gray area than you think, and as we mentioned before, once it’s in the country, it is free to buy and try and enjoy.

Further, as we have seen with the cannabis industry, public attitudes are changing towards medicinal herbs, and coca is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs known to humankind. Its ability to reduce appetite Makes it a powerful tool for those trying to lose weight. We have no doubt it is the best green tea for weight loss available.

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